Afro Eurasian Studies is published by MUSIAD- Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association, of which the headquarters are located in Istanbul- Turkey.

Established in 1990, besides operating as a businessmen's association with over 100 contact points worldwide, MUSIAD has also been carrying the mission of serving as a non-governmental organization in Turkey. Hence, for over two decades, MUSIAD has been contributing to the economic and social development of Turkey and the countries in the region through the organizations and trainings it arranges as well as the reports and books it publishes.

In Summer 2011, based on the research experience it has accumulated over the years, the Economic and Social Research Center within MUSIAD, has launched the work for the publication of an academic journal that would embrace issues on the following areas:


International Relations
Public Administration


That is how Afro Eurasian Studies has emerged as a multi-disciplinary journal with the purpose of publishing original research concerning the regions of Africa, Europe and Asia.

About the Journal

Academic circles and popular media alike have been discussing the changes in the global economic and political balance of power. Whatever the future may bring; the region of Africa, Europe and Asia, i.e. the Old World, which was the cradle of world civilizations for millennia, is destined to play a significant role in shaping the world again.

The Afro Eurasian Studies has been established in summer 2011 to offer a respected peer-reviewed outlet for the scholarly research in social and administrative sciences, which would shed light on the history and the current state of economic, political and social dynamics of Africa, Europe and Asia. The journal welcomes original manuscripts in English on a range of subject matters including economics, finance, management, political science, public policy and international relations with particular focus on the Afro Eurasian region.    

About the Publisher

The Afro Eurasian Studies is published by MÜSİAD (Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association); a non-governmental and non-profit business association headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. Established in 1990, MÜSİAD assists their members in their endeavors in business, investments and interantional trade with over 100 local branches worldwide.

Beyond services to its members, MÜSİAD has been acting as a non-governmental organization contributing to the economic and social development of Turkey and the countries in the region through international activities. MÜSİAD has also been an influential participant of the economic and policy discussions in Turkey through its research activities and publications.

As a culmination of the research experience accumulated over they years, the Economic and Social Research Center within MÜSİAD has embarked upon the challenge of publishing an international journal. Thus the Afro Eurasian Studies has been born in Turkey, at the epicenter of Afro Eurasia, out of a desire to contribute to the international discourse on the new dynamics of the region.

Call For Papers For The Spring 2014 Issue

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